Arkateori is derived from the words Arka (which means Arc in Malay) and Teori (Theory in Malay). Arkateori is founded by Catherine and Sean Ong, who are siblings. Catherine is an artist and now an arc-shape maestro. The curving trajectory movement is synonymous with the Arc shape and where the circular motion of an arc completes a circle it makes her feels at ease.

In Arkateori, we want to share the joy of creating arc shapes and texture art. The siblings started meddling into texture art while grieving the recent passing of their mother. Texture art comprises unique forms of therapeutic movement with simple repeated motions.

It definitely soothes our heart every time after we complete a piece of artwork. Art heals.

Catherine started doing texture art after the passing of her mom. Having a hard time grieving, doing texture art enables her to transfer her grieve into art.

Having a strong foundation from hands-on construction skills, Catherine found her niche in making artworks using construction materials.

Introducing “play” in art creation is one of the key elements in our texture art workshop. Empowering play conveys that it’s okay to let go of ourselves and gives the freedom and space in artistic creation and that everything won’t fall apart.

With this in mind, Catherine is going to share her skills in creating texture art with the founding of Arkateori Texture Art Studio.


Beaming with the kind heart, Sean has been always searching something therapeutic yet satisfying thing to do during his free time until his sister shares about texture art.

Sean said, “Life is full of noises and desires that could make us feel insignificant. Sparing some quiet time alone is crucial and plays a very important part of soul searching.”

Music, and creating art with his hands in particular, have evoked the innermost feelings from deep down in his heart. Sean finds doing texture art fills the void in his life.

Texture art has no rules. It is all about your creativity and innovation to create your own masterpiece. So come and explore yourself doing texture art with Sean and Catherine to set free your imaginative possibilities.